Creating Enticing Corporate Videos

When visitors open your website page, do they encounter a boring corporate video hosted by an unfamiliar and cold actor?  If so, most people skip your pretty penny video. They’ll go right to whatever it is they’re looking for without giving your company a chance to fall in love with it.

What dissuades a buyer from buying one brand over the other is not always based on  cost versus quality.  Studies show that developing a relationship with brands makes them favorites; and most buyers, especially baby boomers, are loyal to them. It is not necessary to have special effects or a top paid star to make an impression.  But it is necessary to reach the heart through the mind. How to do that is the magic of storytelling.  Empathy with others will attract the same and your sales will rise, if not immediately, surely on a long-term basis, as well as YOUR PRESENCE IN THE MARKET, YOUR VALUES, AND IDENTITY.   That’s why your corporate video is a gateway to the heart of your company.  How do you want your clients to feel you?  Are you only for the money, or do you have a soul?  More and more buyers are looking for companies with heart and if the heart is green, then all the “more better.  Sorry for the redundancy,” we say in Spanish when something exceeds the expectation.TAT Gen Video Proposal_Page_3TAT Gen Video Proposal_Page_2TAT Gen Video Proposal_Page_1


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