Belltown’s Pink Door

Strolling through Seattle’s epicurean Belltown neighborhood on a recent trip, I experienced  one of the most prodigal gastronomical ecstasies of my life, the Pink Door Restaurant. In the heart of Pike Place Market and nestled on the water side of Post Alley Promenade, you will, of course, be attracted by its pink door, and once you enter, a new dining paradise unfolds. I felt I had traveled to a lost land where restaurants and cabarets were indistinguishable. Its Italian American menu shows careful selection class=” size-full wp-image-183 alignleft” src=”” alt=”pink door lasagna” width=”275″ height=”183″ />of meats, fish, and seafood seasoned to perfection with fresh herbs whose delicate aroma will seduce any appetite. What is more, they have gluten-free pasta.

I tried the Lasagna Pink Door with a half carafe of their house wine to complement my late lunch. The spinach pasta had the right consistency, and most importantly, the Marinara sauce was ultra smooth and you could flavor the olive oil, fresh rosemary and thyme.  While I indulged in my grandmother’s lasagna, if I had had an Italian grandmother, several artists took turns auditioning for the night’s entertainment, provided at no extra cost to patrons while they feast. I was able to take pictures of the artists and myself, just like the owner did on her yearlong trip to Italy, a long time ago, before she opened this restaurant which is more than a quarter of a century old.  So I kind of felt like a far away cousin of La Patrona, the owner, Jaquelina Di Roberto. I wish I could have returned in the evening to watch the trapeze artist or for the burlesque show on Saturday night. Oh well, next time, for sure.

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BSM-Balding Sexy Men-Zinc Twice


patrick stewart



pit bull

SeanConneryJune08ne-yoWould you agree that balding men are sexy? Who are the most famous and sexy baldies of all times? What do Hulk Hogan, Bruce Willis, Michael Jordan, Birdman, Andre Agassi, LL Cool J, Garth Brooks, Ne-Yo, Patrick Stewart, Pit Bull, Vin Diesel, Sean Connery,and the list goes on and on, all have in common? You got it, they’re baldies. But are balding men really sexier? How do women feel about it? Does a bald head make a man look manlier, tidier, tougher, more mature, down to earth, more confident? How do men feel about their baldness? While answers may vary from one individual to another, men and women alike would agree that hair loss may be a sign of physical imbalances more than just heredity. Personally, I think a man’s actions are more important than his looks, and that a man’s looks depends on his lifestyle. But we’ll talk more about that subject later. Let’s just focus on baldness. Although a bald shiny head is symbolic of manliness, a lot of men, if not all, would rather have their hair back, as concluded by the Association of Bald men of America in a recent survey.

On his show, Dr. Oz offered helpful information on the causes and prevention of androgenic alopecia which I’d like to pass along to those young men out there who wish to control their excessive loss of hair.

Although the most common cause of hair loss in men is attributed to a hereditary condition called male-pattern baldness, it is also linked to hormonal imbalances and changes as well as a deficiency in Vitamin D which we in sunny Florida have a surplus of.  In addition, Dr. Oz recommends egg yolks, fortified dairy or cereal, and salmon. Minoxidil drops applied to the scalp to stimulate hair growth. Minoxidil is the active ingredient in Rogaine and will only work if continuously used. Biotin is the next dietary supplement Dr. Oz suggests will work against baldness. Biotin is a B vitamin that helps process fats and sugars.  Natural sources of biotin can be found in vegetables such as Swiss chard and carrots, also in almonds, chicken eggs, goat and cow milk, berries, and halibut.  It is also known as vitamin H.

What kills the hair follicles is DHT, DEHYDROTESTOSTERONE, a derivative of TESTOSTERONE, and contrary to what most people may think, it is not synthesized due to having too much testosterone, as your levels may be normal but still cause the problem. Hormonal imbalances may be due to lower levels of other hormones, including female hormones present in men which are responsible for creating semen and sperm count. Fertility boosting foods include oysters, antioxidants found in food and vegetables. On the down side, too much alcohol, caffeine, and junk food will imbalance your hormones. Zinc is a common nutrients found in many of these foods. Not surprisingly, zinc levels are found to be low in men with enlarged prostates.

So, guys, get a tan, eat more salmon, two servings of nuts a day, and visit the nearest oyster bar.




Chris Evert Charity Pro-Celebrity Tennis at Delray Beach


IMG_5248IMG_5272IMG_5314After a hotcakes-and-eggs breakfast, we strolled under cloud cover along the outdoor cafe-lined Main Street to join Chrissy at the 20 court state-of-the-art facility, including pavilion and pro shop. The event had a Fair flavor complete with capuchin monkey tricks, pony rides, harlequins on stilts, a samba dancer table, and the fumes of shish kabob. On that hazy, November 22nd, Saturday morning, the uncooperative weather may have dispirited tennis, but we climbed to our box seats and remained faithful, nevertheless.

Shortly after, stratiform precipitation drove us under the pavilion where we enjoyed the circus-like ambient, watched the capuchin disappear dollar bills into his pockets, followed by a swift climb to the donor’s head, and took selfies with Hoda, as we commanded the sun, who slowly made its roundabout to face us. After all, it is South Florida, and no one there would go away disappointed in the yellow melon.

Finally, “tennis anyone” became the order of the day. Back in our South C box seats, the line-up of play for the first set was Jesse Levine, 27 year-old American-Canadian who ranked World #69 in 2012, & partner, Gavin Rossdale, lead singer in the post-grunge rock band Bush whose album Sixteen Stone was a great success in the US, vs. Vince Spadea, American ATP World #90 in 2006, and Timothy Olyphant, best known for his role of Sheriff Seth Bullock in the HBO western, three season, series “Deadwood.”

After figuring out who was who on the court, which demanded a $5 program and wifi connectivity, I sat back to enjoy the player’s personalities. Although they were all wired, not much other than grunts carried over. Timothy, by far the funnest player to watch and the one with the most net errors, was the one who interacted the most with the audience.

Next up were Levine & Vince Spadea again, vs. Rennae Stubbs & Sebastien Grosjean. Rennae is winner of several Grand Slam doubles and has represented Australia at four successive Summer Olympic Games. She was a pleasure to watch, no wonder, she’s won 60 major doubles matches from 1992 to 2010. She interacted the most with the audience and seemed to enjoy herself in a carefree way. Her partner, Sebastien Grosjean, also a retired French ATO, World #4 in 2004 never got in her way, as she dominated the match.

Our time there for the day ended, we never got to see the next two sets in the order of play, including Chris Evert vs. Martina Navratilova with Timothy Olyphant and Hoda Kotb, Egyptian-American, Today Show’s host, as their respective doubles partners. But we did witness the giving of a big check to a single teenage mom pursuing a college career, and the parading of shelter pets ready to go home with the right owner.

For 25 years the Charity has distributed over $21 million since its debut in 1989, benefiting Florida residents across the state. I am looking forward to next year’s event. Thank Chrissy, I’m dusting my racket. Tennis anyone?